Matching it Right the First Time

Simulation and matching are core strengths at Cummins Turbo Technologies. For decades, Holset Turbochargers have passed the test of reliability and durability thanks to these two key attributes. Strong customer relationships and an entrenched knowledge of end use allow Cummins Turbo Technologies engineers and analysts to optimise engine performance simulation for the ideal engine/turbocharger match.

Full Range Simulation

Depending on the customer’s timeframe and approach, simulation and matching processes range from providing map recommendations to full engine-cycle simulation using commercially available and accepted engine simulation tools. These tools enable engineers to produce accurate matching work, that not only covers the aerodynamics side but also the duty-cycle side. In many cases, the initial matching work selects the performance maps to be used in engine cycle simulation. This simulation allows refinement of engine parameters and virtual component selection before supplying the physical performance test hardware, thus reducing physical testing to a minimum.

Industry Leading Matching Capability

State of the art matching capability alongside unrivalled high resolution map data means Cummins Turbo Technologies can enable customers to create their own detailed engine models and use these to save the high cost of iterative hardware testing. In addition to turbocharger and engine models, we can provide our tools, knowledge and data to enable simulation of the full vehicle.