Cummins Turbo Technologies is at the forefront of engineering development to optimise the overall efficiency of the engine air delivery system. From the early days of refining the Buchi turbocharger for European truck engines, to launching next generation technologies for beyond Euro 6 and Tier 4, Holset Turbochargers are engineered in close collaboration with customers to maximize performance.


Fuel Efficiency

Holset Turbochargers provide one of the most direct methods of fuel savings during engine operation by optimising boost and other power performance measures.

Total Cost of Ownership

High performance, top quality Holset Turbochargers add to an engine’s lifecycle, creating a more robust power system that saves fuel and reduces total cost of ownership.


Reduced Emissions

Cummins Turbo Technologies’ industry-leading solutions surpass today’s regulatory requirements, lowering levels of emissions through integrated air system, combustion and aftertreatment design.

Engine Downsizing

Employing some of the brightest minds in turbocharger engineering, Cummins Turbo Technologies provide unparalleled matching design solutions to allow for engine size optimisation.

Engine Braking

Engine braking provides retardation to an engine’s crankshaft, thus slowing the speed of the vehicle. Engine braking affords two primary benefits: increased vehicle braking capability and decreased wheel brake wear.

DPF Regeneration

Holset Turbochargers in conjunction with Diesel Particulate Filtration (DPF) create ideal conditions for regeneration, allowing the DPF to work at maximum efficiency at all times.