Combining Systems for Greater Control and More Customer Options

Mechatronics is the synthesis of mechanical control systems, such as levers, mechanisms and linkages, with some electronic control. Mechatronics components related to the turbocharger include the turbocharger speed sensor and the electric actuator, both exclusively featured on a Holset VGTTM. Using dynamic modeling and importing data from Computer Aided Design (CAD) and computer-based control systems, precise testing and collaboration with Advanced Engineering enables validation for future excellent performance.

Specialist Engineering for Optimum Power Solutions

An established team of Mechatronics specialists at Cummins Turbo Technologies work on extremely high-speed electric machines and magnetic machines connected directly to the turbocharger’s rotor shaft. The power density achieved from the machines can act as a wastegate and take power out, slowing the turbocharger speed down by using the electrical machine as a generator, or electrical power can be added in and used to accelerate the turbine, thus helping it to reduce turbocharger lag at low engine speed conditions. Mechatronics experts at Cummins Turbo Technologies also conduct dynamic analysis on a variety of mechanisms, to confirm that designs will meet their performance specifications, such as response time and position accuracy, prior to making prototype samples.