Cummins Turbo Technologies’ Advanced Engineering Group is focused on future market needs. To stay ahead of our competitors and have market-ready solutions for our customers as soon as they need them, requires detailed exploratory research and the ability to separate the viable from the non-viable.

Testing Viability Through Exploratory Research

The Advanced Engineering group’s exploratory research develops product ideas and turns them into prototypes to prove their viability. These futuristic ideas take us into the next generation of technologies. These concepts come from a multitude of sources including collaboration with universities, institutes and other agencies.

Designing Future Market Leading Products

This highly specialised group liaise with our customers to deliver input to future product development projects. The types of products that can be assessed vary from a technological enhancement of a component to the complete thermodynamic design of a power delivery system. The overall objective is to produce market-leading products that deliver improved fuel consumption, enhanced performance and increased capability.