Cummins Turbo Technologies optimises the use of wastegates – devices that control the amount and timing of excess exhaust gas release – available in either pneumatic or electronically controlled configurations. Tried and tested Holset wastegate turbochargers offer a cost-effective, reliable and durable solution for low to mid-power ranges, with leading-edge technology that diverts ‘waste’ exhaust for a better match with most conditions.


Cost effective, reliable and durable for low to mid power ranges.

With a wastegate, turbocharger overspeed is prevented, as is engine over-boost. The well-engineered Holset wastegate turbochargers employ the same industry-leading design techniques used throughout Cummins. Wastegate turbochargers improve upon fixed geometry units with an overall 3% increase in efficiency, and they can be optimised for various emissions control systems.

Product Features & Benefits

  • Ultra high boost capacity for increased power levels
  • Enables engine downsizing for improved space and weight efficiency
  • Suitable for light - heavy duty applications
  • Superior altitude capabilities
  • Reduces fuel consumption