Durability Begins With Time-tested Analysis Techniques

At Cummins Turbo Technologies, experts in stress, fatigue and thermal analysis evaluate the mechanical durability of the turbocharger or the system as a whole, using computer-aided engineering techniques before any hardware is produced. A thorough and time-tested understanding of the applications in which Holset Turbochargers are used surpasses competitors’ analysis. As well as simulation work, Cummins Turbo Technologies also has a deep knowledge of the product limits and the ways that they are used.

Expert Thermal Analysis Results in Robust Product

The turbine housing, which must not only sustain physical loads by holding the turbocharger in place and withstand vibration, must also survive thermal cycles generated by the exhaust gases alternating between very hot and cool. The housing expands and contracts with these thermal cycles, and that can stress the components locally. Expertise in the analysis of the effects of extreme thermal conditions in which components operate sets Cummins Turbo Technologies apart from the competition.

Reliability Results in Customer Advantages

If stresses are too high, or a product can’t cope with fatigue scenarios, the turbocharger will crack and fail; that is downtime for the customer, which means money is lost for the customer. Holset Turbochargers have a reputation for robustness, products that thrive in the harsh environments of heavy-duty applications. Investing in a well-engineered Holset Turbocharger means uptime, and money earned for the customer, all of which begins with the thorough testing at Cummins Turbo Technologies’ world-class testing and technical centres.