High Integrity Materials

Holset turbocharger durability begins with materials specifically chosen to meet customer requirements. Experts at Cummins Turbo Technologies use their skills in materials engineering and their deep knowledge of a turbocharger’s harsh operating environment to select and rigorously test the materials used for Holset Turbochargers, which are manufactured to the highest quality. Ongoing development and integration of cutting edge techniques ensures that our analyses continue to drive the most rigorous approach to managing our product materials.


Closed Loop Capability

Working closely with other Cummins Turbo Technologies' Research and Design groups and Advanced Engineering, our materials experts focus on optimal performance solutions from day one of product conception, through validation testing and product implementation to feedback from the field. This focus has led to novel material solutions to meet the substantial challenges of engine architectural demands such as long route exhaust gas recirculation and ensures that Cummins Turbo Technologies continues to enable our customers to adopt the most efficient engine system designs.

Customer Material Matching

With the ability and proactive resolve to develop products to satisfy new or changing requirements, fast customer responsiveness sets Cummins Turbo Technologies apart from the competition. Precise matching, with no compromise on quality or build, results in reduced cost of ownership and the best choice for customers and their applications.