Advanced Technologies for a New Generation

Cummins Turbo Technologies is developing innovations capable of improving the fuel efficiency of modern diesel engines. Our near-market solutions reflect the changing priorities of global engine and vehicle manufacturers, whose future products are being developed to insulate customers from fluctuations in fuel prices. With the recent fluctuations in fuel prices, Cummins Turbo Technologies foresees the trend in engine downsizing. In parallel both engine and vehicle manufacturers are striving to maintain or increase the power outputs from their products.

Our close working relationship with customers has informed the research and development that is shaping our future product range, leading to the creation of a new generation of technologies. We don’t simply provide off-the-shelf products, we develop advanced technological solutions that are ‘fit for market’, in partnership to meet customers’ specific requirements.


Product Features & Benefits

Electric Wastegate (eWG)

Faster response and more precise control helps improve engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions control.
Flexible electric actuator solutions for different applications
Optimised Aftertreatment operating conditions for emissions control
Available with Twin port wastegate technology providing greater durability and robustness

Holset M2 Two-Stage Technology Featuring Rotary Turbine Control (RTC)

Enables our customers meet performance levels whilst still meeting stringent emissions target within light-duty market
RTC helps enable air flow range to reduce turbo lag whilst maximising horsepower range
RTC enables thermal management control for exhaust regeneration functionality
Optimised Aftertreatment operating conditions for emissions control.

Series 900 for Engines 16 Litres and Above

For a wide range of high efficient operations
Improved turbocharger efficiency of a typical application by up to 10%
Watercooled bearing housing providing longer life for bearing system
Available integral speed sensor for enhanced engine protection and diagnostic control schemes
Flexible design allowing tailoring to meet customers diverse needs
Meets lead-free regulatory requirements Inverse impeller design tailored to application
Super map width enhancement, improving map width by up to 15%

Next Generation Holset VGT

Optimised VG mechanism for robustness and performance
20% lighter than current product
Reduced cost materials
Improved efficiency enabling reduced CO2
Delivering significant reduction in operating costs.

Electric Waste Heat Recovery Turbine Expander

Reduces fuel consumption
Reduced CO2
Supplementary ways of feeding a hybrid system with additional power.

Mechanical Waste Heat Recovery Turbine Expander

Utilises waste heat from engines increasing thermal efficiency
Delivers energy to the drive train
Reduces fuel consumption
Reduces CO2
Heavy-duty trucks in Europe could see 5% in fuel savings
Savings of more than $5000 per year



Tailored for market growth and changes in emissions cycle globally.
Light and compact design suitable to light and medium duty applications.
Adaptability of Wastegate and Fixed Geometry to work with
Smart / Passive electric control.
Pneumatic control.


Next Generation Turbocharger Components

Inverse Impeller Design

Uses an 'inverse' aerodynamic design process
Improves compressor stage efficiency by 1%
$160 saving per year for on-highway applications

Super Map Width Enhancement

Improves map width by up to 15%
Enables downsizing
Improves drivability
Wider operating range
Aids efficiency matching
Improves fuel economy

High Efficiency Turbine Design

Developed using the latest state of the art analysis tools
Improves turbine stage efficiency by 1%

Rolling Element Bearings

1% efficiency improvements to the turbocharger
Extensive testing resulting in proven durability and reliability