Mission Critical Testing

The need for dedicated testing facilities has existed since Holset Turbocharger manufacture began in Huddersfield in 1958. Today, state-of-the-art test cells located around the world generate data across a wide range of turbocharger products and technologies. Several thousand hours of tests are run each year, from fail-safe and durability tests to world-class NVH tests, all to produce some of the world’s most robust turbochargers.

Strategic Global Locations

Laboratory Operations facilities are strategically located around the globe, with test centres in China, India, UK and USA, which allows testing and design support at the regional level to best serve customers in those markets. The global presence of Cummins Turbo Technologies Laboratory Operations enables better collaboration between testing, design teams and customers, where the turbochargers are actually put into service. This strategy provides the most successful test data; it also provides a wide range of product validation testing, including the full range of Holset Turbochargers from 100 to 1000 series.

Unique Lab Ops for Innovative Solutions

Turbine Dynamometer

The only one of its kind in the industry with its novel approach to measurement, producing a more accurate and comprehensive turbine map.

Waste Heat Recovery Test Cell

Designed by our own engineers, the Waste Heat Recovery Test Cell was opened at the Huddersfield Technical Centre in 2011, the first of its kind in the world, best placing us to lead on new technologies required for emerging fuel economy and CO2 legislation.