Our highly qualified specialists across all the key fields of engineering contribute to our capacity and capability to optimise technologies with a large investment in training and professional development. Fresh talent is combined with experience in diverse global teams that work in collaboration with customers to provide the expertise and innovation required to drive success. Our engineers’ understanding of engines is essential to ensure complex air handling solutions work, including turbocompounding, engine braking and aftertreatment thermal management.

Committed to detailed exploratory research, working on customers' future development projects to bring the next generation of products and technologies to market

Specialist in-house engineering teams deliver diverse expertise at all stages of the design process, leading the way in design capabilities in core competencies such as Aerodynamics and Thermodynamics.

Partnering with customers to understand what turbocharger technology best meets the requirements for each specific engine application.

State-of-the art, unique test cells located around the globe enabling us to produce some of the world’s most robust turbochargers.