The new Holset Online Catalogue is here…

The new online Holset Catalogue replaces the Holset Parts and Application CD Rom and provides:   

  • Fast and easy access   
  • Regular frequent updates   
  • New ‘Search All’ functionality
  • Authorised Holset Distributors log-in to benefit from additional features including Retrofit Searches, Where Used Searches and new features which include;

Turbocharger Details

Enhanced Nomenclature and Engineering Measurements
Supersession Trail for obsoleted products
Turbo SBOM and Kit BOMs available

Turbocharger Comparison Tool

Compare two turbochargers within a Supersession Trail
Easily identify which parts have changed.

Recent Improvements

We are pleased to inform you that after listening to several customer requests the following improvements have been added to the Holset Online Catalogue:

Assembly Comparison Tab: allows the user to compare any 2 turbocharger structures of fixed geometry and wastegated technology, identifying the differences.

The timing out as been re-set to the Cummins maximum allowed of 3 hours before which a pop up message will appear to inform you.

The catalogue page now includes, Power Rating and Latest Superseded To information.

The search and advance search functions have been improved to improve additional wild card options.

The enter / return key can be used to complete a search request.

We are committed to continually improving our catalogue and we encourage you to continue to share your suggestions and comments to ensure that the improvements that we implement are of value to you and your success.